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About Us

Who are we?   We are Paddeling enthusiast! We are athletes! We are people ages 12- 80. We are people in shape. We are people that want to get in shape. We are people that want to stay in shape. We are people that just want to have FUN!

We practice the art of Dragon Boat Paddling as many as 3 times a week at All Wet Sports. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm we meet up to get the boats ready for practice and on the water to paddle by 6:30 pm for a nice brisk 1 hour paddle. Same thing on Saturday Mornings  7:30am for our competetive crew and 9:30am for our non competitive crew and anyone wanting to "give it a try. "

We L O V E  to Race! When we show up at a race site we are well respected! We  paddle hard, we paddle thru the finish line and we have FUN doing it!   We are Always looking for new recruits to join our team. You will need to earn  your seat when it comes to races. Even that competition is Fun!

Sound like something you want to try?  We offer 3 free practices for you to figure out if you are a Dragon or not!

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